How to Buy the Perfect Washing Machine

A washing machine is just a big tub, which is filled with water. The tub shakes to scrub the clothes and the spins to remove the water from the clothes. But of course the modern machine can do a little more. Normally it has a large set of controls and functions; and often also an electronic timer.
Before you buy a washing machine, you have to clarify your needs. If you want to wash different fabrics, you should choose a machine that haves special programs for e.g. silk and wool. The same applies if the dirtiness and the size of the laundry vary.
When buying a washing machine, you should not only focus on the price. The machine consumes a heavy amount of both water and energy. So you should aim for an energy-effective model; even though it might cost you a little more.
A high capacity washing machine is worth considering, if you have plenty of room and a large family. Those machines are also constructed more solid. But do only buy a large washing machine if you are sure that you can fill it up almost every time.
If you have a small apartment, you should instead consider an apartment-size washing machine. Another option is as top-loaded washing machine. Normally this type is easier to place in e.g. the bathroom.
The problem with a top-loaded washing machine is that it uses 2-3 times the water as a front-loaded washing machine. So you have larger water consumption and more heating to do. The laundry do also need more time in the dryer afterwards, because the top-loaded machine spins slower than the front-loaded.
Finally you should also take a closer look at the warranty. All moving parts (and in a washing machine there are a lot) should be covered. Do also consider the price of spare parts; and if they are easy to replace.
To sum up; when buying a new washing machine, you should think about your need for functions, the capacity and the energy consumption. If you do so, you can find a washing machine that will suits your requirements perfectly.