What is a Washer Tray?

Washers have fixtures underneath them like pipes and the drain. And it could happen that these fixtures break or get damaged over time. What you would need to prevent any leaks or similar damages is to install a washer tray underneath your washer dryer.
It’s not fun having a leak in your washer drain. There are so many problems that can come from that. You won’t be able to use the washer because your laundry area would be flooded! And nobody wants that to happen. A washer tray would catch all the water that leaks out of the drain. This can help to keep your laundry area from flooding which can in turn cause a short circuit or electrical fire with your devices.
This device is made from either plastic or metal. It is positioned right under the washer in order to catch water that has leaked or in case there is a damaged in the washer drain or pipe.
If you have a metal tray, you may experience some noise from your washer. But, it is better to have that than having to mop up water every time you have to do the laundry.
To prevent any leakage or damage of the washer drain, you need to check and make sure there is not any lint built up in the pipes to cause unnecessary clogging, which can cause cracks and eventually the pipes to burst.
Lastly, check that the pipes are in top shape. It is important to have good plumbing to prevent the washers from leaking. The main cause of leaks from the washing system is bad plumbing. Hire a professional plumber to do this type of job for you.
Some people prefer not to use a washer tray. But it is a good way to be sure that you are safe from any possible electrocution or fire hazards due to flooding from a washing machine leak.