Laundry Room Hygiene Prevent Insurance Fire Claims

A home fire insurance claim. The fire department at your door. Worse yet you may be away for the weekend at your summer or weekend lake cottage retreat only to come home to find your property in a cinder – “Cinderville” or “Cinderella ” it might be called. All because the home owner was too careless to clean out their utility room electric or gas clothes drier lint traps and exhaust hoses.
Dryer fires can and do occur when lint collects in the dryer or in the exhaust duct leading the hot air outside of your abode ” whether it be house , condo , apartment of summer beach lake cottage. This lint of layers of lint fibers serve to blocking the clear and clean flow of exhaust air and gasses. Play it safe at home , never mind the inconvenience of the burly firefighters tromping around your home with their dirty boots , never mind the filling out of paperwork , insurance claims and city fire department forms and investigations ” all simply prevented though prevention , planning on installation of your appliance and appliances and routine duct cleaning , hygiene and inspection processes.
Its like the auto repair writer at a local dealership who refused by any means to advise customers of necessary and standard repairs and maintenance to their vehicles. One day the owner of the dealership instructed the tech writer that by not detailing a worn tire or brakes to an auto owner , that the salesperson might well be responsible for a whole family’s death on the highway while stranded on a highway , with a flat tire ,during their upcoming vacation. It all comes down to simple and routine maintenance. Those that do not plan , plan to fail. In this case the result can be a catastrophic fire to one home , several or many , all as result of neglect of simple clothes drier venting cleaning and blowing out of lint and debris.
One step often not though of or adhered to on an ongoing basis , is to simply to work to remove lint and dust from the vent or vents at the rear or back of the appliance. Sure a dryer can be heavy and substantial to move. As well you may not want to rip or damage a linoleum floor. Options – 1 ) when you have the clothes dryer installed – have rollers placed under its base , or if necessary ask for a helping hand before. Muffins and a hot cup of coffee are always a good bait for male helpers. Home made cookies are nice too.
Smokey the Bear prevents forest fires. You as a homeowner or resident in an apartment block should prevent dryer lint exhaust pipe fires. Imagine one little dust bunny in your home clothes drier exhaust pipe system can result in a major occurrence of a household fire with resulting damage , destruction to your property as well as increased property insurance premiums for your real estate in the future.