Pros And Cons Of A Washer Dryer Combo

Not many people are familiar with the washer dryer combo machines. You can take your dirty washing, put it in the machine and once the cycle has finished, remove nice clean dry garments. There is no taking, wet, dripping clothes and placing them into a different machine. The combo machine performs both functions with ease. Although they are a great invention, they do have some kinks.
If washing and drying your clothes means heading out to a laundry of going down to the basement through long dark corridors then a washer dryer may be the ideal solution for you. They are usually the same size as a normal washing machine and sometime come on wheels. They can, therefore, be stored quite simply. Set up usually involves connecting to the cold water faucet and a drain.
Most washer dryer combos are ventless meaning they do not require any venting or ducting. They are also energy efficient, with good energy star rating. They will, therefore, be more economical than standard separate washing and drying machines. As you can see, there are a number of advantages, but it is still worth considering some of the disadvantages prior to purchasing.
This type of appliance is more suited to those with smaller wash loads such as students, single people and couples. The reason for this is that the drying part of the cycle will often take a lot longer than a drying machine. Also, you need to leave enough room in the drum for the clothes to move about in, so smaller loads are advised. if you do not do this you will find all your clothes come out wrinkled and creased leaving you with a lot of ironing to do later.
Washer dryers tend to work under very specific circumstances. The drain, attached to the machine, must be of a certain height to prevent any leaking and it is best to position the machine on a concrete surface or hard surface so that it runs smoothly. I would advise measuring the height of your drain prior to purchase.
When buying a machine it is worth briefly considering the repairs. As these are quite new machines you may find it difficult finding a repair engineer for them should things go wrong. A bit of advice is to look at the manufacturers website where you will frequently find a list of local repair guys. These machines are also quite expensive, coming in at around one thousand dollars. However, they are cheaper than the separate appliances and you will save money with the increased efficiency.