Benefits Of Investing In A Bosch Stackable Washer Dryer


The Bosch conglomerate is best known for its factory products for cars. Their number one most recognizable product is likely to be anti-lock brakes, an invention that helps a driver regain control of the car after skidding. Their number two most recognizable car addition must be the electronic stability program (ESP) which harnesses the car computer to calculate how to apply torque to each wheel for minimizing loss of control.
But the Bosch group is in reality a consortium of companies that manufactures a number of other things including home appliances. Their European origins belie their large U.S. presence in Michigan. Bosch’s products are famous for precision German engineering and advanced technology parts. One of these is the Bosch stackable washer dryer that is at the vanguard of the their line-up.
Stackable washer and dryers may be put atop each other, making the two machines align vertically, occupying less room. The benefit is that in contrast to two units consuming two spots worth of space, the stackable makes use of just one. The drawback is that the dryer has to be set up high above the floor, which makes it both hard to reach and liable to run into shelves.
Although their stackable washer dryer has an official price tag that is quite high at over a thousand dollars, one may find it for cheaper at large retailers like Sears. Furthermore, one can reap substantial energy savings due to the fact that Bosch products have a tendency to exceed Federal standards by a wide margin. The average energy use in the United Sates for the Bosch stackable washer dryer is about $150 per year. This figure exceeds the Federal Energy Star by 2 fold.
Bosch does have a good argument for going after the stackable washer dryer market. Buying washers and dryers can be a little challenging for many who are dwelling in small residences, condo or apartment units. To begin with, home equipment including washers and dryers are too large for modest living areas to accommodate. Secondly, the majority of condominium units or apartments usually are not truly designed to have capacity for large home appliances. There are even homes that are so small, there isn’t sufficient room for a gas line or an exhaust vent which a clothes dryer would need.
Because of the above mentioned problems, and the fact that there lies a market for it, companies like Bosch have engineered appliances which could easily fit in these small spaces. Since these special appliances take very little space, owners can easily stash them under shelves, within closets and may be neatly stored inside of small garages or cellars. An additional great advantage of these new appliances is that you will find some versions which do away with the requirement for exhaust vents so as to discharge humid air when drying out clothing.