Examining The Design Properties Of The Dryer And Washer

Studies by sociologists and historians of science have pointed out that many of the great social upheavals such as women joining the work force were due to the increasing availability of home appliances. Women spent almost 60 hours a week doing chores but that number dropped to less than 18, in 1900 and 1975 respectively.

The first automatic washing machine was developed in 1916 and depended on two things that was available. One, many houses had access to running water which was necessary for filling the tub. Two, many houses were also hooked up to the electrical grid so washing machines could run themselves.

A component of the washer that exemplified this dependency is the fill valve. It is an unassuming, small piece that plays a rather outsized role in regulating the water temperature. Both electricity and water runs through it for it to exert its effects.

How does the fill valve use electricity? It contains a small solenoid which is like an electromagnet. When a current runs through it, it holds onto a metallic plug thereby lifting the restriction on water flow. But when the current is shut off, the plug falls back into place to stop the water.

Homes today can use compact-sized washers. Three kinds of compact washer and dryers are called combo, stackable and portable. Washers and dryers which are stackable are just about full sized models other than the fact that they use a vertical design, that consumes little space. The combo however, has both washing and drying capabilities bundled in a single unit. Portable washers and dryers are the most compact of the three kinds.

Unless you scrutinize hard enough, you would mistake the combo washer and dryer as only one machine as opposed to two as a result of its ultra compact dimension of only 27 inches in width. You can perform both washing and drying inside a solo compartment when working with the combination model. And you know what this signifies, that you could carry out your washing and drying without requiring space for two home appliances. Almost all combo units make use of condensation drying that calls for a lesser amount of energy than vented heating models.

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