Innovative Advances From LG Stacked Washer Dryers


The small country of South Korea contains several of the world’s largest electronics innovators and manufacturers. LG is among these companies. In the past, LG was known as Goldstar. At that time they were in a much narrower range of products including monitors and storage media. More recently LG has plunged into the high tech industry for cellular phones, large flat screen television sets, appliances such as stackable washer dryers.

LG’s latest in stackable washer dryers is something they call SmartDiagnosis. The central feature of SmartDiagnosis is that the machine will sing a tune or play some music to indicate a diagnostic error. The technology is supposed to help the consumer, but how can the consumer know what the machine is saying?
It turns out that this technology is most useful for the technicians that service the unit. The LG stackable washer dryers have historically been difficult to diagnose given their electronic complexity. Most washer and dryers have run down mechanical parts, but LG also suffers from microcircuitry problems that are much more difficult to diagnose. The new system improves diagnostics by emitting these tones that should speed up service, reducing costs to both LG and customers.
People who live in small homes for example apartments or condos encounter two kinds of issues when trying to purchase LG washers and dryers. For starters, home equipment including washers and dryers are too big for small living areas to allow for. The next issue is that lots of apartments and condominiums are not set up with the correct fittings for laundry appliances. For instance some houses don’t have gas lines or exhaust vents for the clothing dryer.
Due to this requirement by small homes, condominium and apartment owners, companies have formulated specially designed appliances to fit into small areas in little homes, apartments or condominium units. These specially designed appliances occupy hardly any room, so that they might be stored below shelves, garage and even small cellars. Furthermore, there are brand new versions of appliances which does not need vents to discharge hot air when drying the laundry.
Three types of compact washer and dryers are called combo, stackable and portable. Washers and dryers that are stackable are just about full sized models except that they have a vertical style, which takes up little space. The combo however, has both washing and drying capabilities bundled in one machine. The smallest of the three kinds is the portable washer dryer.