Check Out The GE Profile Washer


Laundry is not one of the best chores for most people, but a GE profile washer (top load or front load) can make laundry time easier. GE appliances meet or exceed guidelines for energy efficiency which means you will save money.
Laundry is not everybody’s favorite chore but a GE profile washer can change all that. GE manufactures both top load and front load machine washers.General Electric is reputable for manufacturing appliances that are energy efficient. As a consumer this means saving money!
The GE profile washer front load can handle very huge loads and lets you have more time to do things other than laundry. It has a steam refresh feature that prevents wrinkles and reduce odors, and it has a steam assist feature that penetrates fabrics to dissolve dirt and take out stubborn stains. It has new technology that is called the SmartDefense pedestal that holds up to six months of detergent and dispenses the right amount at the right time.
The SmartDefense feature alone will save you so much time; put the detergent in once and you are good for six months. What could be easier? To top it off, the GE profile washers also use a new technology that is capable of automatically sensing the size of your load to add adequate water at the right temperature to save money and water.
It combines great cleaning results with water and energy savings. General Electric utilizes a reverse tumble wash action that will clean your clothes by gently lifting, then dropping the wash load back into the water. This causes less friction on your clothing meaning less wear.
The General Electric profile washer top load has a large capacity that will enable you to do fewer loads. Like the front load, it will automatically sense the size of your load; another excellent feature is a special “Rain Shower” rinse system that will rinse all your loads with three showers to rinse clothes instead of filling the wash basket full every time. The spin speed is faster than your typical washer and therefore reduce drying time which makes it another time and money saving feature.
A General Electric washer also includes a specialty cycle that ensures your special fabrics will get the attention they deserve. Delicate fabrics are normally very expensive and it can be difficult to wash them by hand. Oftentimes, these fabrics can stretch and loose shape and do not reform properly after washing them by hand. You will no longer have to worry about that when you use the specialty cycle.
Along with the General Electric profile washer, you should check out their profile dryer. It can handle comforters and towels as easily as the profile washer and it has twenty dry cycles that match clothes to fabric type for excellent drying performance.
If you are looking for innovative technology in your washing and drying machines and if you are looking for appliances that will make your life easier, a General Electric profile washer and dryer are what you should have. And if style is important to you, they come in some great bold colors. If you compare what GE offers in their range, you will find that the General Electric profile is the right fit at the right price.