Living In Compact Spaces And Utilizing A Portable Washer Dryer


There is an appliance called the portable washer dryer which was made to fulfill the needs of people doing laundry but who live in cramped living spaces. This includes not only people living in trailers, condos and small houses, but also students living in dorm rooms who do not have the luxury of a nearby laundry room. The disadvantage of the portable washer dryer is that it is somewhat underpowered and takes smaller loads.
Portable washer dryers were made to address two specific issues found in small homes. To begin with, home appliances just like washers and dryers are too large for modest living areas to accommodate. One more reason is that washers and dryers, being large appliances are not truly condo and apartment friendly because they require a great deal of space. Small homes however, commonly don’t have gas vents or exhausts which dryers will need.
Two other forms of compact washer and dryers are available, respectively termed combo and stackable types. Stackables are close to full sized save for their vertical physical arrangement, which makes them use up less area. The combo on the other hand, has both washing and drying functions bundled in one unit.
The stackable washer dryer is one in which the dryer is put atop the washer so that the two units are vertically arranged. As opposed to using up two spaces for both appliances, you’d be merely making use of one when you opt for stackable washers and dryers. If there is one downturn in using stackables, it is that the dryer would have to be positioned well above the floor which makes it difficult to reach.
Another compact appliance is the washer dryer combo that appears to be a single machine around 27 inches wide. The combination product does both washing and drying within the same compartment.Combination units enable both washing and drying to be done in one compartment. And you know what this means, that you can perform your washing and drying without requiring space for two home appliances. An additional advantage is that combo models make full use of condensation drying, that calls for less energy in comparison to vented equipment.
Last we return to the portable unit. These are more compact in size in comparison with either the stackable or the combo. These portable units have two versions or models. The two forms of units are the ones driven by electricity and the one that is run by hand. Bear in mind though that portables can only allow for smaller loads at the same time compared to the other types of compacts.