Can A Clothes Dryer Cause A Fire?

You may not be aware that an ordinary dryer vent can be the start of a house fire, but is commonly overlooked as a source. You might be able to tell if your dryer vent is at risk by noticing if your clothes are taking longer to dry than they normally do. Many people think this is a sign to buy a new dryer, but this is not always the case. As a matter of fact, this may be a signal that your vent is clogged as is in danger of starting a fire.

a problem or fire risk is if it takes longer than usual to dry a load of clothes. Some people mistakenly think their dryer is going on the blink, but this is not always true. Moreover, this may be a sign of excess lint accumulation in the vent hose which can cause a fire.

Not only are fires a problem, but so is exposure to carbon monoxide with poor ventilation set up. Sometimes this is due to a faulty appliance, but in some cases fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can be prevented just by checking to make sure your vent operating efficiently and is properly set up.

Carbon monoxide is also a problem and can over accumulate if the vent system in a home is poor. Oftentimes a faulty appliance can be the culprit, but assuring open venting in the area.The first and foremost step is to be sure to clean the lint trap after each heavy load of clothes. This should definitely be the case if clothes drying times have been larger than normal. Basically if the pipe or tubing leading outside is greater than eight feet then one should have a weekly inspection.

Common fire tips:
1) Don’t run the dryer when you are away. 
2) Inspect potential lint collection areas 
3) Let the professionals do their job if your dryer begins to malfunction 
4) Don’t dry clothes with paint or other fumes on them. 
5) Assure clean lint screens before and after heavy loads. 
6) Periodically clean out dryer vent piping.

It’s your responsibility to make certain your family is safe from unseen disasters. Monthly or semi-monthly inspection of your household appliances is crucial to proper fire prevention and moreover can save you real money.

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