Laundry Machines Inside Mobile Homes And Homes

Americans like to take extended trips but taking along their home with them. How is this possible? They use a recreational vehicle, or RV, which is essentially a mobile home. The RV has all modern conveniences, such as microwaves, televisions, and stereos.

On very long trips it is necessary to do laundry, a problem solved by installing a washing appliance inside the RV. But to fit one, a new type of washing machine had to be developed. The mini washer dryer was devised to fit into the interior of an RV, and bears technology different from conventional washing appliances.

The main advantage given by the mini washer dryer is that it does all washing and subsequent drying in one compartment. When the spin cycle is complete, the dry cycle takes over and engages what is known as the ventless drying mechanism. It uses a low temperature condensation process to draw water out, and keeps the process efficiency by siphoning off condensate into a receptable.

RV owners know that one problem with large appliances is that they draw upon lots of electricity. It is not efficiently in most RVs to generate it directly from the AC generator, so one solution is to find campgrounds that offer electricity which powers large appliances. The campground will charge competitive rates of course.

The use of mini washer dryers is not confined to RVs but also happens inside people’s residences. To handle the difficulties encountered by house owners of small houses, vendors have designed customized appliances, of which the mini washer dryer is one.

Because these special appliances require very little space, owners can easily keep them beneath shelves, inside closets and can be neatly tucked away inside small garages or cellars. Also, some of the new appliances do not actually require exhaust hoses to vent out the hot, moist air released from drying a load of clothes.

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