The Collection Of Advanced High Tech Devices From LG

The famous conglomerate known as LG was birthed in the Korean peninsula and has come to be known for its meticulous design of advanced consumer electronics. The biggest competitor by far is Samsung. The two form the two largest conglomerates in Korea but extend their reach into the international markets.

Most Americans know LG through their offerings of cell phones that work with all major carriers like Verizon and Sprint. But mobile phones are the tip of the ice berg. LG makes televisions, LCD monitors, and was even the first to introduce a disc player that could read both HD DVD and Blu-ray.

The history of LG starts with a small company known as Goldstar in the middle of the 20th century shortly after the World War Two. In fact, the G in LG stands for Goldstar. In the late 80s and early 90s, Goldstar was famous for producing cheap VGA monitors and floppy disks.

An extremely well-received home appliance from LG is its stackable washer dryer. It is one of several washing appliances and perhaps its most advanced in terms of giving users a high degree of control with electronic interface panels. Moreover, the dryer comes in a ventless option so that it does not require exhaust piping.

Stackable washer dryers were conceived in order to solve the problems of those who reside in small residences. First of all, home equipment like washers and dryers are too large for little living spaces to allow for. Secondly, most condominium units or apartments usually are not really designed to have capacity for heavy home equipment. Little residences however, ordinarily do not have gas vents or exhausts that dryers will need.

To solve such challenges faced by home owners of little residences, vendors have introduced special appliances. These exclusively created appliances occupy very little space, so that they might be stored underneath shelves, car port and possibly small cellars. Furthermore, you can find brand new versions of appliances that does not need vents to discharge hot air when drying the clothing.

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