Few Distinguishing Features Between Residential And Commercial Washing Machines

Washing machines come in a very wide variety of sizes. The variety is bracketed by the home stackable on one end, and the commercial washer at the other end. The home stackable is one of the most space efficient, and energy efficient types of washers. The commercial is one of the largest, and most high energy consuming types.

The stackable washer dryer is small, energy efficient, and easy to use. It is likely to be aesthetically pleasing too, without soft contours that make it fit into the home decor easily. Stackable washer dryers include subclasses such as portable washer dryers and ventless washer dryers. These are variations of a theme emphasizing again compact size and convenience.
On the other hand, the commercial washing machine is an appliance geared toward functionality rather than looks. It is very large capacity so it absorbs very large loads. There is less focus on design. Instead machines should be easy to fit into rooms and amidst other machines.

Commercial washers are also cumbersome to shift from spot to spot. If it is placed against the wall, the maintenance people will have to move it every time there is a problem. Therefore, these machines are arrayed in a line with space on either side so that technicians can inspect both front and back easily.
The major users of commercial dryers are businesses and organizations that need to launder large volumes. For example, a hotel that has hundreds of rooms potentially washes hundreds of bedsheets every day. A gym that offers towels to its guests washes the towels several times during the course of a business day.

Because the work cycle is intense and volumes are large, one convenience of the commercial washers is that they are fitted with automatic detergent dispensers. The dispensers are timed to coincide with the various wash cycles. This saves a tremendous amount of time over a human having to measure out everything manually.

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