How To Repair Your Whirlpool Dryer If Your Clothes Aren’t Getting Dry

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Electric dryers are very dangerous! Make sure you unplug your dryer before working on it. When your trying to test your dryer with it taken apart, be sure there are no wires grounded, it might damage other working components if this happens. Make sure you know where all exposed wires are when testing to avoid the risk of death or injury. If your not sure you can attempt your repair call a technician.

If the dryer is not drying well, but still heating:
Always check the vent before calling a technician. I would recommend checking your vent at least once a year. More if you have flexible hose and a lot of turns on the way out of the house. Its best, if you can, to physically take the vent apart from the dryer to the hood vent where it exists the house. You’ll also want to take the back panel off of the dryer to gain access to the blower housing running from the bottom to the top on the left side of the back of the dryer. There will be four 1/4″ or 5/16″ screws you’ll need to remove to pull the cover away from the housing. Once you’ve gained access make sure that the cover isn’t filled with lint and other junk that likes to accumulates in there. That way you can be sure its all clear. Its recommended that solid, 4″, aluminum or galvanized solid vent be used on the entire vent set up. If you don’t want to run all solid vent, you should make sure to at least use 90 degree adjustable elbows on any part of the vent that makes a bend, so you have 4″ of air flow all the way out. If the vent is clear, then its possible that an internal component is not functioning correctly. A technician can properly diagnose the problem, so there is no guessing involved, and the problem gets fixed in a timely manner. If your clothes aren’t getting dry, there is still heat, and you’ve made sure that the vent is clear.

A great way to determine If the cycling thermostat is the problem is to undo the vent from the back of the dryer, make sure there are not clothes in the dryer and place an oven thermometer (with the dryer running) where the heat exits the dryer. Allow to run for 10 minutes with the thermometer in place. The heat you should get coming out of the vent is 155f – 165f degrees, depending on the temperature rating stamped on the metal piece of the cycling thermostat (4 prong thermostat) . If your heat reading is low and after you’ve run it for a while. There is a thermostat with 4 terminals mounted to the blower housing. To better aid you in finding the thermostat, right above the thermostat is a small white thermal fuse with two blue wires running to it. Its best to do a model number search on your appliance to get the correct thermostat for you appliance. 2 of the most common used are adjustable the thermostats Part # 694674 or the 155f degree thermostat part # 3387134. Replace the thermostat and do the same test as earlier to check for the correct heat coming out of the back of the dryer.