Ventless Washer Dryer Add Valuable Space

People who live in small houses, small condos and small apartments turn to the stackable washer dryer to reduce the required ground area that the appliances use. The stackable washer dryer is configured such that the dryer sits above the washer so that both machines use up the space of just one.

Nevertheless the stackable washer dryer takes up vertical space which still reduces the amount of usable space in the house. For people with smaller living spaces, the vertical space is valuable for shelves, cabinets, and even windows. Fortunately there is a solution.
The key is to get rid of the stacked washer and dryer entirely, replacing it instead with the ventless washer dryer. What is the ventless appliance? It is a single unit of the same size as one of the former washer or dryers, but has the capability to do washing and drying in the same compartment.

The regular dryer contains either a large heating coil which attains high temperatures by passing a large current, or using a mini-furnace that burns gas. Both methods use up a lot of energy. The ventless dryer uses the principle of condensation, by passing cool water through a heat exchanger that collects condensed water.

The ventless washer dryer is so low power that it uses a 110 voltage plug which is a normal three-prong plug, and draws less than 20 amps. The upshot is lowered energy savings despite the fact that the machine runs quite long to dry a load of clothes. The downside is that the drying time takes a a while.

You will find three other kinds of compact washers and dryers on the market currently that is the stackable portable and combo washer dryers. Washers and dryers that are stackable are pretty much full sized models with the exception that they use a vertical form, that consumes little space. A comparatively new addition to the market, combo washer and dryers put together two capabilities, washing and drying, into a single device. The smallest of the three types is the portable washer dryer.

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